Thursday, December 18, 2008

AOA, Iron Lung, In Disgust, Punch - Live at Gilman 924

Awesome footage, that I will try to embed later... it wont let me at the moment.

agents of abhorrence - earth.water.sun (reviews)

Here is a collection of reviews for Agents' last full-length release:

taken from
'Hooray for Australia’s favourite grindcore supergroup! Agents Of Abhorrence have directed a tight, blunt nightmare here – thirteen tracks (including an unlisted ambient intro) blast by in under ten minutes. Such a nasty little beast. The sound is as dense as diamond and omits decorative excess – Earth.Water.Sun is just precision butchery, the totally sick wrecking of six strings, two sticks, tight skins and a pink throat. At any volume, it’s a world-class onslaught. The moments of harmony (such as Ben Andrews’ golden guitar breakdown in ‘Shock Treatment’) are few, and that’s seriously great. Kids are hungry for visceral kicks these days and this record will make them shit. It sounds like a chupacabra.
There’s a constant playoff between natural tenderness and destructive force on Earth.Water.Sun – lyrical images of salt, kisses, earth and skin serve to balance the underlying apocalyptic outlook expressed in phrases such as “the whole planet is uprooted” and “we are deeply rooted”. This conceptual album could be considered a meditation on impermanence – ‘Sentimentality & Nostalgia’, ‘Floodgate’ and ‘Outlines Remain’ are concerned with themes of a changing life, years passing, nothing lasting and memories fading. Over the course of time, both our bodies and bands will bloom and wither like the flower on this album’s cover. Farewell to the flesh… Play it again, Sam… whatever. Those are the least of our worries. Wait until the sun’s rays boil the seas. What are you doing about climate change? Earth.Water.Sun is both sonically and thematically the ultimate wake-up call.
by Adrian Trajstman'

Other reviews:

Grindcore 2009 - Corner Hotel

Agents of Abhorrence will taking part in 'Grindcore 2009' at the Corner Hotel on the 25th of January 2009. Showcasting the best in Australian grindcore (and on a world scale), can't wait! Methinks AOA will destroy the large PA at hand as well, pure wall of sound destruction.

AOA, SJN, TDEBN, CTV @ The Arthouse. 20.12.08

Agents of Abhorrence will be playing there last small show for awhile at the Arthouse on the 20th of December, doors at 8pm, presumably about $10 bucks. Do it!

Also at this show they should have some copies of the extortion split, Character dissection on vinyl & 3" CD and european tour t-shirts. fucken bodacious!

agents of abhorrence - extortion/aoa split

1. Loaded
2. Man Made Maze
3. Mint
4. Puddles

Year: 2008
Length: 4:48
Label: Deep Six
Format: 7" - Clear & Clear Blue

Recorded by Roman Koester at Complex Studios, September 2006
Mastered by Sloth in Preston

Notes: Recorded before Earth.Water.Sun.... took awhile to come out, but rules hard. Also, I like the song title 'Tamari' better...cunce.

agents of abhorrence - earth.water.sun

1. Salt and Earth
2. Sentimentality & Nostalgia
3. Viewing
4. Shock Treatment
5. Floodgate
6. Love Song
7. Outlines Remain
8. Sick Disguise
9. Puppet Fuck
10. The Audacity of You
11. Under Earth
12. Once a Bind

Year: 2007
Length: 9:47
Label: 625 Thrash/Numerical Thief
Format: CD

Recorded by Roman Koester at Complex Studios, July 2007
Mastered at Moose Mastering

Notes: Awesome layout by Mark Groves. Production is massive, one of the best grindcore releases to be honest.

agents of abhorrence - character dissection

1. Dead End
2. Heart(less)
3. Sleepwalker
4. Charade
5. Heirloom
6. Sever and Divide
7. Patterns in Folly
8. Paralysis
9. Character Dissection
Year: 2006
Label: Numerical Thief/Crucificados
Format: 3" CD & 12" (One sided 12" with AOA logo lazer etched on the back, sexy)
Length: 8:15
Recorded at Complex Studios by Roman Koester, February 2006
Mastered by Sloth, March 2006
Notes: First release with Grant Johns on vocals.. Fuck yeah!

agents of abhorrence - iron lung/aoa 'silent decay' EP

1. Floodgate
2. Hollow
3. Chut Up
4. Hungry Ghosts
5. Open-up

Year: 2006
Length: 4:00
Format: 7" - Grey
Label: Missing Link Records

Recorded and Mixed by Neil Thompson May 2005.
Mastered by Sloth, May 2005 in Melbourne, Australia.

Notes: Lyrics and vocals performed by Jacquie on Hungry Ghosts. Also, this was actually released after Character Dissection but recorded prior to Character Dissection, thus explaining Grant Johns' absence.

agents of abhorrence - covert lobotomy

1. Toshio
2. Love(d)
3. Wallsplitter
4. High 5's for Independant Thoughts
5. Frustration
6. Covert Lobotomy
7. Repeat Cycle
8. Rendered Useless
9. Heart Connect Corpse
10. Society Betrayers
11. On Ice
Year: 2005
Label: Missing Link Records
Length: 10:35
Format: 9" - Clear
Recorded @ Toyland Studious, Melbourne 06.2004
Mastered by Marcus Barczak

Notes: On Ice is performed & written by Grover. Also, Grant Johns does vocals for the track Frustration.

agents of abhorrence - demo

1. Faster/Disaster
2. Leeches
3. Mental
4. Pavement Hell
5. Comfort Lost
6. AOA
7. Dance For Us
8. Comfort Lost
9. Speed Increasing
10. Bow To Falafel
11. Stencil Wave
12. Frustration
13. Machine Lust
14. Rothead

Year: 2004
Label: Crashing Jets
Length: 10:00
Format: Casette


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