Sunday, February 1, 2009

Agents of Abhorrence - Grindcore 2009 (Part II)

Max's stage-dive mid 'shock treatment' immortalized on youtube!!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Agents of Abhorrence - Grindcore 2009.

Agents of abhorrence ripped hundreds of new assholes at Grindcore 2009, hosted by No Escape Records. Broken kick drums, stage dives & general devastation made for a particularly misanthropic set on behalf of rews, jason & crumbz. Mention must also go to Roskopp, who were FUCKING ridiculous. This is the first half of the set, caught a close range.

Agents of Abhorrence - Shows with Monarch (france)

18 Feb 2009 - TRANSMISSION ROOM w/ Fornax Chemica + Lord of Tigers, Auckland, NZ
19 Feb 2009 - ROSIE'S (Upstairs) w/ Agonhymn + No Anchor + The Surrogate, Brisbane, Queensland
20 Feb 2009 - SANDRINGHAM HOTEL w/ Agonhymn + Walrora + Summonus, Sydney, New South Wales
21 Feb 2009 - THE BASEMENT Bar w/ Agonhymn + 4 Dead + Bowcaster, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
22 Feb 2009 - THE TOTE w/ Agents of Abhorrence + Blarke Bayer/Black Widow, Melbourne, Victoria
26 Feb 2009 - The NATIONAL w/ Agonhymn + Agents of Abhorrnece, Geelong, Victoria
27 Feb 2009 - ENIGMA BAR (War Room) w/ Agonhymn + Cunt Scrape + Robotosaurus, Adelaide, South Australia
28 Feb 2009 - THE ARTHOUSE HOTEL w/ Agonhymn + Clagg + Dad They Broke Me + Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Melbourne, Victoria

Agents of Abhorrence will be supporting french doom act Monarch on two dates of their Australian tour. Heaps of awesome bands playing this, I urge you all to support this!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

agents of abhorrence - live house show in Europe!

Reminder: Agents of Abhorrence play Grindcore 2009, 25th of January @ the Corner Hotel, Richmond. Get your ticket for this show as they are selling well, moreover you will get a free compilation CD, including a new Agents track 'Through my Veins'. Yeah boi!

Random agents fact: Grant likes cheese.